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Rainman Desalination Portable watermakers for boaties,

Rainman Delsalination - Go RV Marine

Eighteen months ago an innovative start up business was founded in Sydney. There was an obvious gap in the desalination market and Rainman Desalination stepped in to fill the gap by making state of the art portable watermakers.

The old form of desalination systems meant that you had to install the entire system on your boat and most were so complex and expensive. For many, the complexity of the system not really an issue because once it was successfully installed on the boat, it usually worked seamlessly. However, the cost put many boat owners off. Rainman has created a simply designed watermaker that is robust and inexpensive, making more attractive to boat owners.

The first Rainman Desalination system was powered by petrol and ran on a Honda 50cc 4 stroke motor. This system was successfully launched and widely accepted by the market. The launch took place at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in 2014 and thereafter, they went back to the drawing board and came out with a 240V electric version. So far, they have in their stable, three standard high output systems with options for reverse osmosis, and two of these are quite portably packaged to look like brief cases. If you are prefer the electric option, but also want a back-up system for when electricity fails, then dual supply unit will suit you just fine. It also has three reverse osmosis options and is sure to meet your needs no matter how varied they are.

The best thing about the system perhaps is how easy it is to install and operate. It takes about two minutes to get it up and running. It’s as simple as placing the unit on the swim platform, throwing the intake hose overboard and starting the motor. Once the valve is closed and the system is pressurised, it begins to pump out fresh water, which can then be used to fill your tanks. It can also serve as a salt water pressure washer with an option for a pressure washing gun.

There are many reasons why this system is of obvious benefit to users and here are some:

One great benefit of the Rainman Desalination watermaker is that it does not need any form of installation. This means that one of the things which made the traditional desalination systems so expensive is automatically eliminated. Yet, it retains the option of installation if the user desires to do so.

Another advantage is the lack of software. Most systems require some form of software or electronics to run but this is not a requirement for the Rainman system, which is a good thing because software fails particularly when in a marine environment and so also, electronics can get corroded with time.

Again, the reduced life cycle cost is a huge incentive. The desalination system is simple and robust which means that the initial cost is not only cut down, but the ongoing maintenance is also much lower. The fact that it is easy to install, and also to understand probably makes it more attractive to boat owners.

The system is portable and can be removed and carried from your boat when not cruising to save weight. This is more relevant to cruisers/racers. And if you have friends that you trust, you can easily share or loan out this desalination system. A huge plus is that the version which runs on petrol is completely self-contained and so will not put a strain on your electric system.

As lovely as this system sounds, it is not for everyone and if you are cruiser who loves everything full automated, then you might prefer the traditional in-built system for the following reasons:

  • You will not need to move it once it is installed.
  • The traditional systems are fully automatic so you won’t need to be moving parts like hoses around while using the system.
  • These systems take up less space on the boat.
  • Are perfectly functional even in heavy seas.

Basically, if moving the 26.5kg portable Rainman system is such a struggle for you, then you really do not need it.

Rainman Desalination is based in Sydney while the manufacturing goes on in Baconsfield. Aussie entrepreneurship is growing and it is exciting to see such innovation coming into the marine market and attracting international interest. Rainman Desalination was included in the final stage of the prestigious Design Awards for Marine Equipment (DAME) at the giant METS trade show which took place in Amsterdam in November, 2014.

Go RV Marine has partnered with Rainman Desalination and both new and existing customers now have it as an option. More information is available and we can arrange a demonstration if you are interested, please contact the 1800 761 159