Rainman Desalination Technology

Rainman Desalination Technology

The system has been designed by Rainman Technology with ease of use in mind. The challenges of using complex machinery have been largely reduced as focus is on creating a system that provides maximum reliability and is easy to maintain.

The advantages of using the Rainman Desalination Technology are numerous and here are a few below:

  1. There is no required installation, which increases effectiveness and makes it easy to maintain the system in future. This also helps to reduce the total cost.
  2. This technology operates without electronics which significantly reduces any incidence of downtime or system failure.
  3. The petrol version does not need a generator therefore the system can be run without any need to operate the main engine.

rainman-desalination-schemdetail- Go RV Marine

Schematic explained

  1. An impeller lift pump draws sea water up to the main unit and creates positive pressure for the high pressure pump
  2. The pre-filter removes particulates of up to 5 micron from the water
  3. A plunger pump delivers high pressure in the system for the reverse osmosis membranes to operate
  4. The relief valve only opens if the control valve is closed excessively or a pressure washer gun is attached.
  5. The filtered sea water is then carried to the reverse osmosis membranes through a high pressure hose.
  6. Where there are multiple membranes, they are connected in a particular series, which is the double RO membrane case configuration.
  7. The pressure control valve at the end of the system is used to set system pressure to approximately 55 bar (800 psi)

Once the process above has been completed, the result is that the saline water is released back into the sea, while your drinking water tank is fed with fresh water. The process is designed specifically with ease of use in mind and both the lift pump and the high power pump run with a Honda 50cc engine or a high quality induction electric motor, both completely reliable.